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Full Version: The Horse Whisperer.
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Some people can be found in the early hours of a morning, watching a racehorse go through its paces on the gallops
in hope of gleaning some information that can enhance a wager. Others shuffle around in betting-shops analysing data
and the nag's recent form. All for the quest of money.

But not this man, this man has jerked himself away from fiscal covetousness and enjoys the equine beauties for their
natural beauty.
Oh God, why?

Quote:Horse masturbation weirdo arrested twice in 24 hours for bizarre sex crime.

A man with a weird compulsion to masturbate near horses has been busted twice in 24 hours.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5580]

'Malcolm Downes, 61, has a "long, long history" of touching himself in the vicinity of livestock and was in court for the offence
in 2016 when he was jailed for what a judge described as his "totally disgusting" behaviour.
Downes was spotted masturbating in public on February 18 the year in the Bude Park area, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

A member of the public saw Downes and initially thought me was urinating.
Prosecutor Neil Coxon told Hull Crown Court: "It soon became clear he was in fact masturbating. This activity went on for three
or four minutes. His penis was exposed for about 10minutes.

"The matter was reported to the police and the defendant was arrested.”
Interviewed by police later that day, Downes said: "I was sat on a bench. I was feeling sexy so I started to..."
Mr Coxon said: "Asked if he realised it was an offence he said 'Yes'."

Downes said he knew what he was doing was "wrong" and said he "didn't do it to draw attention to himself. He was sorry".
Downes was charged and released on bail, but within 24 hours was seen by an off-duty female police officer doing the same
thing in the same area.

The officer was driving when "her attention was drawn to this defendant at the end of an emergency access road".
He "had his penis in his hand and was masturbating". It was not safe for the officer to stop so she sounded her horn to signal
"he should desist". Downes was arrested, taken into custody and was "again candid and straightforward" in interview.

Mr Coxon said: "He did confirm he thought he had a problem. Asked why he did this, and particularly in public, he said he got a
thrill even though he knew it was wrong. "He accepted if children had been in the area and seen what he was doing that would
have frightened them. He accepted he had a problem and required help."

Downes, of Spring Bank, west Hull, admitted outraging public decency and asked for a similar offence to be taken into consideration.
He had 12 similar offences among the 35 crimes on his record, as well as nine breaches of an antisocial behaviour order for the
same behaviour. The order, which has now expired, was intended to curb Downes's offending and banned him from "entering any
field or stable, or any other area that contains equine animals, in the Humberside Police area”.

Stephen Robinson, acting for the defence, said: "He can't really explain it. He said he felt he was starting to conquer his demons.
He believes this was some sort of lapse he can't explain. He is, he insists, very sorry for his actions."
Jailing Downes for eight months, Judge David Tremberg told him: "You know you are doing wrong but you appear either unable or
unwilling to stop yourself."...'
The Daily Star:

So to Downes, The Grand National is an annual porn-show. Let's hope he pulls himself out of it.
Are they shoure he was not a little horse, or perhaps he was just horsing around. It is true that sometimes things do just get out of hand.
Ok im going now  minusculebonker
Slow news day since Trump was vindicated from Russian collusion? 

Good grief!   tinyshocked