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Full Version: Secret Files Released on Lost Ancient Human Civilizations…
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Okay, this is a fascinating video about a book titled, The Adam and Eve Story, which was released in 1965. The CIA quickly swooped in and pulled it, and then classified the information.  It was to be unsealed in 2013, but then only 57 pages were released of the 238 pages. 

What are they hiding from us?  Does the book go against the current religions teachings of today; would this cause an upset among people if they found out?
Are they hiding how the next Earth catastrophe will happen and when? What is it they don't want us to know?   minusculethinking 

I'll post the video where the narrator talks about this, and another one he recommends below it. I'll also link the PDF he speaks about at the bottom. 


PDF Link
I Liked the videos.
Interesting reaction reaction by the CIA, very good videos, thanks MW