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Full Version: It's All In The Dip.
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Just for the record, this behavior is still wrong.

Quote:Tennessee man accused of dipping testicles in customer's salsa.

'A Tennessee man is accused of dipping something other than chips into a customer's salsa.
Howard Webb, 31, was with a driver for Dinner Delivered, a food delivery service, on Jan.12
when he allegedly put his testicles in an order of salsa that a customer had ordered from a
Mexican restaurant in Maryville, WBIR-TV reported.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5367]

Webb, in a video published by the news station, is seen seemingly putting his testicles in a cup
of salsa. Someone else in the vehicle, identified as the delivery driver, is heard giggling and
saying: "This is what you get when you give an 89-cents tip for an almost-30-minute drive."

"Oh, it feels good on my [testicles,]" Webb replies.

Dinner Delivered addressed the video on Facebook, writing that the driver Webb was with was a
"rogue independent contractor." The unidentified food delivery driver engaged in criminal behavior
that has resulted in indecent acts performed to customer orders, as well as unverified claims of
inserting poisonous substances inside customer drinks," the company said.

The delivery service wrote that it reported the driver to law enforcement authorities.
Webb, according to WBIR, was arrested on Friday and charged with adulteration of food, liquids
or pharmaceuticals...'
Oh lord help us!   mediumomg     I love cheesy bread sticks and salsa.  I probably won't be able to order delivery ever again thinking about this. 
Leave it to perverts like this to destroy what little freedoms we have left, like ordering home delivery pizza for those of us who have a problem getting out to go get it ourselves.  

I hate Earth people like him!   tinyok