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Full Version: Ohio, Where You Now Have To Watch Your Dog.
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We've had the car-sex and the lawnmower-groping... so we might as well have hobbies from the bathroom.

Quote:DOG 'ABUSE' Man, 27, ‘attacked wife when she caught him sexually abusing their DOG in bathroom’

Wayne Langsdale is wanted by police in South Euclid after his wife claims she caught him abusing their pet Maltipoo.

'A man is said to have beaten up his wife after she caught him sexually abusing their dog in the bathroom.
Cops from the South Euclid Police Department in Ohio were contacted shortly before 8pm on Sunday by a 55-year-old
woman who reported a domestic violence incident, according to a graphic incident report.

The victim said her husband Wayne Langsdale, 27, was in the bathroom at their home when she heard the cries of their
pet Maltipoo. When she opened the door she says Langsdale was sitting on the toilet with his trousers around his ankles
and was abusing the dog...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5352]

We may assume that the 55-year-old is a bit of a catch as poor Wayne here, is merely twenty-seven. As for the 'Maltipoo,
since the dog is classed as a toy or miniature poodle, I cannot begin to think why a Buckeye would resort to treating a tiny
dog in such a way.

Quote:'...The woman then screamed at her husband, asking him why he would do such a thing and adding it was “illegal, nasty and
a mean thing to do to a dog,” according to a report. She then ordered her husband out of the house before attempting to call
the police but Langsdale claimed the cops would not do anything because “it’s just a dog”...'

My word, I thought the US -just like the UK and other western nations, have a special place in their hearts for pets.
Now it seems in 2019, Wayne has a different type of special place his wife's diminutive mutt.
It's worrying that the wife had to list the constitutional, social and moral negatives of what Wayne was doing.
Almost as if he was unaware of the prohibited act!

Quote:'...But as she tried to call the police Langsdale is said to have called her a “snitch b***h,” told her he hated her and then
repeatedly pushed her in the chest with both his hands. He is then said to have twisted his wife’s left arm behind her back
until she was forced to drop her mobile.

The report noted: “Once he had the phone, he spit on [the wife] and pushed her in her back and knocked her to the floor.”...'

Is this a trending thing to do in Ohio...? Spitting at one's spouse? That sort of behavior is something I'd expect to see in...
oh I forgot, I'm not allowed to connect any gender-perception demeanour with any specific racial or ethnic group.
It's called profiling.

Quote:'...Before Langsdale fled the apartment he is thought to have thrown his wife’s mobile down three floors, smashing it to pieces.
Police have issued a warrant for Langsdale’s arrest under charges of domestic violence and a misdemeanour of sexual conduct
with an animal.

According to the report, Langsdale has previous domestic violence convictions and the victim told police her husband had
attacked before Sunday’s incident...'

Yes, but did the unnamed wife add that when these other attacks took place, did the poor Maltipoo get buggered as well?
Maybe the domestic violence convictions weren't with this current wife, maybe they were with other older ladies using the
same dating-website.
Oh and for anyone reading this south of the Mediterranean, isn't a Maltipoo a left-handed thread?