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Full Version: Syrian Lies
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With the announcement about withdrawal form Syria and FINALLY another draw down wanted in Afghanistan you have to expect the MIC to start squealing like a stuck pig!

I honestly do not care if all the mid-east factions kill each other allowing for one supreme leader to emerge .. It narrows down the target area if it should come to another mid-east war..

One of my disappointments with Trump is he has not gotten our servicemen out of the many Sh!t holes we have been stuck in since 9/11.. 17 years and 2400 troops dead.. How many others will live the rest of their lives with wounds from Afghanistan and guarding the poppy fields ? 

 All soldiers lose friends in combat..it is war... best thing is to stay to hell out of it unless absolutely necessary and if necessary go in a roll the damn hills up to make a level killing ground. Go in, do your business and get to heck out...let the enemy cry for their losses not us.

17 years in Afghanistan is stupid..  2400 dead.... could have been stopped many years ago IMO and I am not one to cut and run.. Just one if forced to fight a war then do it and not pussyfoot around with political appointed commanders.

If you look at history the Mongols invaded and conquered Afghan, Iraq, Persia, etc etc and they did it on horse back !! So much for technology, no ?

There is no glory in war only death and survival... Those who survive are considered lucky even though they carry the burden of war memories for the rest of their lives...

I absolutely hate war and the killing of our brave and best... let the enemy die for their beliefs... our job as soldiers is to help them die or to change their minds.. youtu.be...