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Full Version: Telstra outage allows criminals to go un-monitored for more than 24 hours
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Explanation: I have posted this in this forum because the police are a paramilitary force and if we are subcontracting out to Telstra to monitor prisoners with ankle bracelets then they to are akin to a paramilitary force or mercenaries ... anyway to the story ...

Telstra Outage: 770+ prisoners unmonitored for 24hrs. One still on the run!

Quote:POLICE in South Australia are scrambling to track down a violent offender who is at large after a nationwide Telstra outage.
Robert Carl Stehr, 43, has not been heard from since catching a bus from Mount Gambier, in southeast SA, to Adelaide on Friday.
The convicted violent offender is on bail and wears an electronic monitoring device as part of his parole conditions.
SA’s bracelet monitoring system is used to track a wide range of people within corrections and the court system including those on parole, those serving home detention sentences and those on strict bail conditions.
It is also used by the drug treatment court.

[Image: 7b23ce99e44a147d0873632ea860b1b0?width=650]

Please view source article for the full story.

Personal Disclosure: This is an epic failure to have measures in place for exactly this kind of outage! DISGUSTING!!! minusculeredtantrum 

Letting prisons [plural] full of home detention etc. prisoners go unmonitored for 24hrs and one going one the run is UNACCEPTABLE in my books! minusculesoapbox 

Who the fuck is responsible for that shit? I.e. Who gets fired??? Telstra or the SA chief of police or is it some politicians/party's bag? minusculethinking 

I bet it ends in a circle jerk of never ending pass the buck of responsibility!!! minusculerolleyes smallfit 

What do my fellow rogues think of this crap? minusculebeercheers
Another failed experiment from the blue-rinse brigade.

My wife worked in the UK prison system and told me they feel sorry for prisoners, they
think that their 'little-boy-lost' routines are genuine.

They're old hippies who want to do good by giving prisoners access to the internet, have
mobile phones and electric kettles in their cells in case they want a cup of tea during the
These are the same kettles they they use when throwing boiling water at the guards.

Then due to them believing prisoners (criminals) are telling them the truth about being
a better person if they can work outside of the grounds, they petition the Governor to
let them out for a few hours.

That's when the prisoners can get their drugs that they asked their girlfriends to stash
along the roadside. Asked by using codes on their mobile phones.
If a person isn't manipulative when they go into the "system", they will be before long. People come out worse than when they went in because of what they learn in there; how to play the game.

OmegaLogos: That's what comes of an over-reliance on technology. It WILL fail you just when you need it the most, which is the premise of Murphy's Law. For the same reason, I question the wisdom of the government deserting the use of iron sights on personal weapons in favor of battery - operated electronic sights. For full disclosure, I DO have a battery - operated red dot sight on my own rifle, BUT - I also have backup iron sights which are co-sighted with the red dot, so that when (not if) my battery goes dead, I won't go dead, too.

Why they would rely on electronics without a backup for felon monitoring I cannot comprehend. It must be a government thing, just like tech scopes without backups on government weapons.

BIAD: If I'm ever in danger of imprisonment, I'm going to move for a change of venue so I can get into a British jail... they sound nice, just like home!

Mystic Wanderer: I have to take your assessment with high value, considering your work history. Who would know better? minusculebeercheers