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Full Version: UFO Abductee Sherry Wilde and the Future of Planet Earth
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This is an interesting video where Sherry Wilde tells her story of a lifetime of alien abductions and her memories of what happened, and more importantly, why.  Give it a watch and share your thoughts.

Quote:Sherry Wilde tell some of her fascinating story remembering her encounters with extraterrestrial beings from another race and world. In this lecture she shares highlights and intimate details of that journey and talks about the differences between being an abductee and a volunteer.
When Sherry was 17 years old, she had an incident of missing time. She always wondered what had happened, but put it in the back of her mind for many years. She finally had a hypnotic regression, where Sherry realized that she had been taken aboard spacecraft many times from a young age.
Through her regressions, Sherry came to understanding that she came to Earth at this time be a volunteer, to be of assistance, and to transmute negative energy.

I am always very very skeptical when I hear that a person remembers so much after "hypnotic regression ".
Her story is interesting and she seems to be a honest person trying to coupe with some trauma in her life, and making some money from it. She probably believes what she is saying and since she is harming no one as far as I can understand, so I wish her well.
If I have time I will check her book Forgotten Promise
OK, I truly feel this was to Scripted by her.

She also remembered A Lot.
But, I have to say that when she started talking about "The Timeline We're On Here On Planet Earth." 
What Time line!!??  tinybighuh

This year is no different that  three years ago, Except That Trump is our President.
I can never understand why there is a Timeline Crisis and then Nothing Happens, No Disclosure, No UFO landing in Central Park.
Hypnosis only gives you Bits & Pieces of a Hidden or Blocked Memory, Not A Whole Damn Book!
I sorry Lady, but, Take Your Crib Notes and Wave Down The Next Passing UFO and Hitch A Ride out Of Here!  tinysure 

Now, I'll Return R-N back to My loving Wife and Here More Gentle Attitude.