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Full Version: Trivial News Stories, Suggestive Political Control...Or Over-Compensating Page-Filler
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Trivial News Stories, Suggestive Political Control...Or Over-Compensating Page-Fillers.

Feel free to dump it here, any silly news item you find in the mainstream media that may-or-may not have
an underlying political biased agenda.

Some articles report a particular incident and then move towards a remedy or sometimes suggest more
control is needed by Government agencies and it's not by accident. Mainstream media is a conduit to
relate many types of information to the public from the halls of power and often, a simple story can be
used as a Trojan horse.

But, there's also the accounts that are inane and just plain stupid!

Quote:'We will find you': Police hunting mystery hoax caller who keeps ringing from a phonebox.
A series of hoax calls were made to Humberside Police over the Easter weekend.

'A mysterious hoax caller who has been tricking by police with a series of suspicious phone calls is wanted by police.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3486]

Special constables within Humberside Police tweeted about a hoax caller causing alarm in Pocklington over the
weekend after making calls to the force from a telephone box.
The calls began on Sunday, April 1, when two calls were made to police.

Officers attended and three youths were seen running away from a payphone kiosk in Market Place.
The force said it would "continue to look for them and hold them to account" in a tweet on Sunday.

In another tweet, the special constables then vowed to find the culprit.
It said: "Another hoax call from payphone kiosk in Market Place, Pocklington.
Appears to be the same offender as last night.

"We will find you and prosecute you."
Anyone with information about the suspects behind the calls is urged to contact Humberside Police on 101...'
Hull Daily Mail:

And this is the nightmare world of Pocklington. A small town -yes, but being terrorised by tricksters that can thwart
a whole Police Force with all their modern-day technology at their fingertips. After deep deliberation, I am still
unsure how to formulate a plan to apprehend these wily rogues.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3487]
Downtown Pocklington.
Quote:Parish councillor Gerry Tull has to stand down after admitting assault in Owslebury.

'A WELL-KNOWN villager has had to resign from the parish council after he was convicted
of assault and was handed a suspended six-month prison sentence.
Gerry Tull, 69, of Main Road, Owslebury, had admitted attacking Alistair Baker.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3488]
Mr. Tull -Avenger Extraordinaire.

As the sentence imposed at Basingstoke Magistrates Court was more than three months Mr Tull
must leave the council where he was vice-chairman.

He declined to discuss the matter except to say:
"I'm automatically barred from the council. I think that will be the village's loss not mine."

On the parish council he was responsible for rights of way, tree warden work, countering fly-tipping,
travellers and the play area.

The Daily Echo contacted Owslebury Parish Council and the chairman John Chapman but they were
unavailable for comment.
Mr Tull has a track record of aggressive behaviour...'

Here we go! Irrelevant to the current story, but intriguing nonetheless!

Quote:'...In 2012 he was convicted of threatening behaviour at a meeting, pushing tables at a parish council,
causing a projector to crash to the floor, magistrates heard.
He was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £500 costs...'

Well Mr. Tull, as an elected official, I'm surprised at such outragous conduct. Projectors are expensive, you know?

Quote:'...In 2008 a court heard he threatened to blow his bank manager's head off with a shotgun.
He sent a fax to Lloyds TSB's Winchester branch containing the warning leading to armed police swooping
on his home and arresting him on suspicion of making threats to kill...'

What the f*ck?!!!
I'm sure the Daily Echo could use the word 'escalating' here in regards of 'Table-Shoving Tull'-s behavior.
Although... he did fax the negative coercion in, so could this be deemed a polite threat?

Quote:'...Mr Tull told the court that he exposed banking flaws in the late 1990s by applying for a credit card with
another firm in the name of Rocky, his now-deceased Jack Russell. It proved successful, and Mr Tull kept
the dog's card -which has a £4,000 limit -as a souvenir...'

I think Mr. Tull's talents could be used by The Washington Post. Gone are the days of Berstein and Woodward.
Shame about the dog though.

Now... some redolent dirt on the victim, please.

Quote:'...In 2009 Mr Baker, of Owslebury, then aged 42, was awarded £170,706 by an employment tribunal after he
was unfairly dismissed from a company headed up by former Saints chairman Michael Wilde.

Mr Baker’s £400,000-a-year salary was stopped for three months while he was on gardening leave from Merlion
Group Ltd, where he was the chief executive, an employment tribunal heard.
In 2010 Merlion was wound up after an action launched by the taxman...'
The Daily Echo:

Hmmm. Although Mr. Tull isn't the 'Taxman' -which is a euphemism that I'd guess the Daily Echo knew would carry
weight with the common reader of the article, it seems Mr. Tull -Councillor of The Just, took it upon himself to
administer his own style of justice.

No doubt, if Rocky the Jack Russell had been alive, Mr. Baker's trouser-leg would be ragged right now.

I'll be checking the FBI Most Wanted List for when Mr. Tull's rising star comes to it's full supernova.
Quote:This is the wasp capital of Coventry.

'Hundreds of people have called the council to make this pest buzz off...'

(See what intrepid Reporter -Mr. Sandford, did there? That was a joke.)

Quote:'Any kind of pest in your home is bad enough - but this one really comes with a sting in the tail...'

Oh shyte, he's on a roll!!

Quote:'...Hundreds of Coventry residents have called the council to deal with wasp infestations in recent years.
Last year, the total number of calls to Coventry City Council's pest control team to deal with the flying
stingers fell compared to previous years, though there were still 168 calls.

Figures released by the council show that in 2017, there were fewer calls than in any of the previous
five years.
2012 - 313
2013 - 484
2014 - 658
2015 - 287
2016 - 369
2017 - 168

And these figures have just been released and therefore, important. This isn't just word-play by a young
Journalist to spruce-up a banal story for a pay-cheque, no... this is investigative Journalism about wasps.

Quote:'...The official statistics from the authority for 2017 show the full extent of the wasp problem, and a postcode
for each call. This means that we can reveal which council wards have the biggest wasp problem, according
to how many times council workers were called out to deal with the winged pests...'

'Official... released' (again!) and 'we can reveal' -implying a focused, coordinated scheme by the Council.
I guess the residents of Coventry sleep easy in their beds at night.

Quote:'...A phone call to the city council will see a specially trained team sent out to deal with the problem...'

Oh FFS, we're doing Ghostbusters now?

Quote:'..For wasps, the council will charge £76, or £38 (with concessions) to treat the pests, with a few conditions.
They will not treat the pests if:
Wasps are entering your loft space above the guttering
The wasp nest is in the loft and the insulation is so deep it would be unsafe to enter
Items in the loft restrict access to the nest
The nest is in or on the chimney
The wasp nest is on or in a neighbouring property
The nest is, upon inspection, bees...'

The sting that Mr. Sandford fails to point out is the conditions against the cost. Councils are elected by those
they take the money off and looking at the list, a wasps nest has to be on a person's paid-for property and outside
for the 'specially trained team' to deal with.

Will Council-provided rented accommodation be subject to these conditions...? Mr. Sandford must enter the rabbit
hole and find out. Film at eleven.

Quote:'...This is the breakdown of where the calls came from, so you can see which area is the hotspot for waps in Coventry.
Nine calls were made to locations that were either not recorded, or areas not covered by Coventry City Council
ward boundaries...'

'Hotspost'...? really? This article was published 2nd April 2018 and April Fool's Day cannot be carried over just because
the Editor won't let you out on the street. Mr. Sandford, ask the guy sitting next you who doesn't have his Facebook page
open on his screen.

Quote:'17 - St Michael's and Upper Stoke
These are two wards which have seen the highest number of rats in infestations, so it is a pleasant surprise to see
them so low this time around. Last year, these wards saw three calls apiece.

16 - Foleshill
The mice, bedbug and cockroach capital of Coventry avoids a grand slam, with just five calls made last year.
Over the course of the last six years, only St Michael's and Radford saw fewer calls in total
 A very respectable finish, overall.

13 - Holbrook, Lower Stoke, Radford
There were six calls to each of these wards last year, and all three saw a reduction in calls compared to the previous year.
The biggest change came in Holbrook, where the total fell from 17 to six in just one year.

10 - Henley, Sherbourne, Woodlands
We enter the top 10 with a trio of wards, all three having had seven calls last year.
Compared to previous years, all three saw a massive reduction in calls, which appears to be a similar pattern across
the majority of wards.

9 - Wyken
There were just eight call outs for wasp trouble in Wyken last year.
Given that there has been 136 calls since 2012, last year was a significant reduction on previous years.

7 - Bablake and Whoberley
The majority of wards have seemingly seen a significant reduction in calls, but when it comes to Whoberley, 
he totals have remained fairly consistent. With nine calls last year, there were actually fewer calls just a couple
of years prior to this, with just seven in 2015.

6 - Binley and Willenhall
We reach the double digits, with 10 calls made from this ward last year.
The year 2017 saw the fewest calls to the south-easternmost ward on record.

5 - Longford
It may not have the most number of wasp calls, but Longford takes home the dubious honour of being the only ward
to have seen an increase in calls since 2016. Last year, there were 12 calls, compared to nine in the previous 12 months.

4 - Westwood
For the first time in this pest series, Westwood has finished near the top -or the bottom, of the list.
Last year, there were 13 calls made to this ward.

3 - Wainbody
Narrowly finishing ahead of Westwood is Wainbody, with a total of 14 wasp calls in 2017.
The southern ward has the second highest number of calls for wasps across all years, with 183 in total.

2 - Cheylesmore
A pattern seems to be emerging with wards at the south end of the city featuring at the business end of this list.
In total, there were 16 calls to Cheylesmore, which just about avoids taking the top spot.

1 - Earlsdon
For the final time we go down south, to Earlsdon. In 2017 there were 18 calls made to this ward to deal with wasp
problems. Aside from 2015, when there were 17 calls, this was the lowest year on record for wasp calls.

But despite this, Earlsdon is the Coventry capital of wasps for 2017...'
The Coventry Telegraph:

Rogue Nation may award a prize to any of the readers who didn't break down and weep half-way through that list.

A whole freakin' page that's set in an exciting 'Pop Chart' format about wasps.
Wouldn't it have been easier and beneficial to the Coventry Telegraph's coffers just to say "Buy our paper, roll it up
and kill the little annoying bastards"

And I didn't mean you, Mr. Sandford.
This one is just to give you a reason to bang your against the wall.
I've seen people oppressed, but never a self-oppression by a whole country.

Quote:Outrage over official brochure with Child Marriage tips for migrants.

'Sweden has withdrawn a leaflet giving immigrants who are married to children “tips and advice”
on how to settle in the country has been withdrawn following a public outcry.

A brochure called “Information for those married to a child” caused a storm over its “unacceptably” soft tone.
It included an explanation that marrying an under-18 is forbidden in the country and continuing to live with
them was “inappropriate”.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3489]

And it explained that a child bride would be treated as a lone youngster who did not have their parent or guardian.
One line read: "Since children under the age of 15 have an absolute right to protection from sexual acts it is
improper for you to live together if the child is under 15.”

Tobias Billström, leader of the Moderates, blasted the leaflet.
He said: "The biggest failing is that the word ‘prison’ isn’t present, but rather it gives a bit of advice and tips
on how to respond if you have a relationship our marriage laws forbid.”

And Liberal leader Jan Björklund tweeted: "Facepalm. Unacceptably flat.
The brochure has to be withdrawn without delay.
“Child marriage should be completely forbidden.”

Even Sweden’s Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality, Lena Hallengren, said she had misgivings
about the leaflet. She said: "There should never be any doubt over which laws and values apply in Sweden.

“It is not permitted to enter into child marriage. That cannot be compromised and that, and the information on it
must be crystal clear.” Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) has now removed the
literature from its website and said it will think again.

Petra Rinman from the board said: "The material has provoked strong reactions and many comments.
“We have withdrawn the material and will revise it.”

Socialstyrelsen’s head of legal, Pär Ödman, added: "Sweden does not permit those who are under 18 to enter
into marriage in the country.

“According to current legislation however the general rule is that marriage which is legal according to the law
of the country in which it was carried out should be recognised in Sweden.
“New legislation is currently being prepared by the government.”...'
The Express:

'...And it explained that a child bride would be treated as a lone youngster who did not have their parent or guardian...'

Well technically, the child would be married to their 'guardian'

To see child-molestation semi-condoned in this way should be a heads-up to the masses in the EU of
what is to come in the near future. This type of cultural anomaly should be scoured out -regardless the
skin colour of those who do it.

By the way, a nice little pamphlet on raping boys in the Public Swimming Baths could be printed instead.
Just sayin'.