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Full Version: Mel's Hole
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What do you know about Mel's Hole, have you ever heard about it?
It's a very interesting read. I'll post a video, but you should use the video link or google Mel's Hole.


Sorry, for a moment there I thought you meant this one from the movie 'Lethal Weapon'!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2824]

What a silly-billy BIAD is!
I only know what I have heard on C2C... Weird if just 1/2 is true.. The videos are not working for me and I do not have enough time presently to mess with them.. But thanks for posting..
Sounds fascinating!  On my list for later!   tinybiggrin
I believe Mel's Hole probably does exist, but that all the hype surrounding it is just that - manufactured hype. I don't believe it's 80,000 feet deep (that's just a bit over 15 MILES!), I don't believe it resurrects dead pets (unless there is a sign there that says "Pet Semetary", signed by Steven King), or that there are alien reptilians living at the bottom of it.

I grew up in an area with "karst" geology. it was mostly limestone, hollowed out over millennia by water action to form vast underground caves, which honeycombed all of the underlying bedrock. There were giant sink holes everywhere from underground cave collapses, some hundreds of thousands of years old, some formed within my lifetime.

On our farm were 2 or 3 holes that went straight down into the ground, one going 15 or 20 feet to a horizontal shaft, one going hundreds of feet down to water (a pebble or rock dropped in would rattle against the sides for about 30 seconds before making a splash), and one I never found the bottom of. None were big enough for a human to climb into, but the shallowest one had dozens of farm animals that died at the bottom. Nary a one ever came back out alive.

If Mel's Hole went 80,000 feet into the Earth's crust, no one would be able to withstand the convective heat spewing out of it, certainly not long enough to drop in Life Savers on a string.

It probably IS there, but the stories surrounding it are most likely just stories.

They say it was a round pit, with a stone retaining wall surrounding it.
So this made me think of an old water well that was started but the water that seeped in and filled filled the well corroded the bottom and opened a huge cavern that is deep.