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Full Version: Archaeologists discover mysterious void
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Do I have your attention? No!?
OK how about this,,,,,,
Quote:Archaeologists discover mysterious void deep within Great Pyramid of Giza
Actually, not just One But Two Voids.
[Image: 3513.jpg?w=860&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&f...c34fa620f0]
Quote:Archaeologists have uncovered a mysterious enclosure hidden deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The massive cavity stretches for at least 30 metres and lies above the grand gallery, an impressive ascending corridor that connects the Queen’s chamber to the King’s in the heart of the historic monument. It is the first major structure found in the pyramid since the 19th century.
It is unclear whether the void is a chamber or a corridor, or whether it played any more than a structural role in the pyramid’s construction – such as relieving weight on the grand gallery below. But measurements show that it has similar dimensions to the grand gallery, which is nearly 50 metres long, eight metres high and more than a metre wide.
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You can also watch this video.

What Do You think,,,,, The Hidden Chamber of Secrets?
Explanation: A 30meter long massive void situated directly on top of the Kings chamber is indicative of a hidden hallway or room as such a large cavity would not have been considered naturally occuring and nor would the designers or builders want one there unless it was specifically designed in as such a large cavity, which if naturally occuring due to the pyramid settling it would put the rest of the entire pyramid at risk of collapse.

I propose the following scenario ... all three lower chambers ... the grotto, the Queens chamber and the empty Kings chamber are all indicative of false chambers meant to throw would be pyramid thieves off the scent and a single completely hidden and unattached [ except for those weird  vent tunnels that lead up to god knows where ] Pharohs chamber where Kufu actually rests eternally.

As the Pharohs Chamber i[that is what I am calling this new found void] is located above the Kings chamber that means it was built later on than the lower chambers and as the top of the pyramid is prime and LIMITED and dangerous real estate only the most trustworthy builders would have been given that job task and that means less people working on site and less people in  the know about what was really going on with the pyramids buildings which were clearly designed as some kind of afterlife ark for the soul on its journey back to the starry heavens.

I think Kufus 20+ year Project to build the pyramids would have not been allowed to be merely robbed by would be grave robbers. Too much was invested and I point out the Queens chamber as the most obvious false tomb and I don't see why the Kings chamber cant be considered the same [even with its token empty sarcophagus]. Basically 90% of the pyramid is fake and designed to expressedly prevent any grave robbing to occur and maybe also to actually appear as if the pyramids had been already robbed.

Personal Disclosure: I think the science behind finding and detailing this void scientifically was extremely amazing. Well done you boffins! minusculebeercheers Go Muons!

I also note the irony of using cosmic particles to map the soul machine designed to return the Pharohs soul to the stars above. It is a weird feed back loop of stars and souls.

I wonder if this hidden Pharohs chamber will ever be accessed by modern humans and if the 1st guy looking in sees and says "Oh My God! Its FULL of Stars!!!" LOL.

There is a LOTTA gold in them there fake hills I tell yahs.
No scientific jargon of any kind to back up my thoughts; going on psychic intuition only here, okay? 

I think the builders of the pyramids arranged the stones and the interior in a way that would use the earth's energy field to create a vortex for traveling to other dimensions; a portal for space travel, or as an electrical current to connect to other pyramids across the globe, thus creating an electrical grid to be used for the public.  Maybe all those things.

The void would be where the physics comes in that creates the swirl of energy, which I can't explain in scientific terms. But, it's there... and it's there to serve a purpose.  It's not just an empty "chamber".  Similar to the picture below. I have a picture showing an actual energy field emitting from a pyramid in a thread somewhere, but no time to search for it now.

[Image: deae8089a885f848de746487c8167f2d.jpg]
I'm thinking it was a place for the builder's to go and hide and be Lazy or get Stoned  smallgreenhurray