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Full Version: 9.7 Million-year-old ‘teeth’ Discovered in Germany
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A "history-changing" discovery has been found in Germany.
They say we will have to rewrite history after this, but I say the Smithsonian will swoop in and take the teeth away, and they will never be seen or heard of again.   tinysure 

Quote:A group of German archaeologists has made a discovery that could ruin what history books have taught us about human evolution.
A 9.7 million-year-old fossilized denture that seems to belong to a species that in theory appeared in Africa several millions of years later has taken experts by surprise.

Archaeologists waited for an entire year before announcing the discovery in order to make sure they had gotten the date right.
In theory, the teeth should not exist.

[Image: Ancient-Fossilized-teeth.jpg]

Quote:The teeth were found in the riverbed of the Rhine river, the Natural Museum in Mainz said on Wednesday, and has no resemblance to the bone remains of species previously discovered in Europe or Asia.

According to earlier theories, the teeth have more resemblance to the skeletons of the hominids Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) and Ardi (Ardipithecus ramidus), better known in Ethiopia.

However, the remains found in Mainz are at least 4 million years older than the African skeletons.
That fact paralyzed the investigations that had been undertaken a year ago, when the finding was made, pending further analysis.

"I do not want to dramatize it too much, but I would hypothesize that we will have to start rewriting the history of humanity after today,” concluded Mayor Michael Ebling.

Interestingly, a month ago scientists made another surprising announcement when they revealed they had discovered 5.7 million-year-old hominin footprints on the island of Crete in Greece.

After experts presented the discovery, many reacted with disbelief as the discovery point to the fact that the earliest human ancestors already were in Europe at the same time—and perhaps earlier—than Africa, throwing the wide-spread theory that humans emerged in Africa into doubt.

Now, with the discovery of the 0.7 million-.year-old Hominin teeth in Germany, history has come a step closer to be rewritten.
The Kraut Bigfoot...?!

I think there's a bit further back to go yet, but this really screws the standard theories up!
Hang in there, this controversial discovery will really shake some of the embedded systems.
I agree with Mystic Wanderer, the Smithsonian will hide or destroy the evidence like they did with the Bones of Giants that were found.
Many ancient civilisations believed that the world had already been through several "cycles" or "Previous times" before their own one. Where humans rose to a technologically advanced stage before falling again, either through natural disaster or self-destructive behaviours.

If you imagine todays "advanced" civilisation, and what it would be like in the aftermath of a Nuclear War or Huge Meteor Strike...
Let's say 99% of the people die.
The dust cloud from the disaster blocks out the sun.
Ice Age returns.
The few remaining humans band together in small tribal groups to survive.
It's not safe to be around other people.
Only the strongest will survive.
So they hide in caves or wherever they can.
The technology is gone.
The power is off.
Batteries quickly run out and most of the gadgets are useless anyway without the internet infrastructure etc.
After a few years, the weapons will run out of bullets and become un-serviceable without parts...
People go back to a "stone age" existence and we start again...
The stories about previous times are handed down, but after a few generations they gradually fall into myth and legend and eventually are largely forgotten.
The dust finally settles on a barren landscape and the few remaining people live to see the sun return.
Nature finds a way.
Plant life starts to grow again and so the cycle spins again.

Now, what if these teeth are artifacts, not of ancient man from our time, but of man from a previous time?
Before our current cycle.

The current understanding of our timeline (out of Africa etc) could still be true. BUT these "anomalous" findings could be a window into our distant past AND a warning for the future?

Absolutely!   minusculethumbsup2